Dude realizes he’s allergic to hair dye just a little too late


Here’s a wild story for anyone who regularly dyes their hair. 

Per an enormously popular tweet posted Thursday, a student suffered an unexpected allergic reaction to hair dye. In the photos — shared by a classmate who goes by Stina Jörnvik on Twitter — the student’s forehead and hairline are completely swollen.

Min klasskompis skulle färgs håret, han insåg att han var allergisk mot hårfärg. BÄSTA JAG SETT pic.twitter.com/Z1w8odFwXQ

— Stina Jörnvik (@stinajornvik) September 12, 2018

Jörnvik’s photos quickly found their way to Reddit, where people marveled at the allergic reaction, and swapped similar storiesRead more…

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